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Jello Playdough Recipe

This Jello playdough recipe is another great craft project you can do with your kids to make a toy you can produce time and time again. Jello ads scent and color to your homemade playdough making it one of the most fun and interesting ways to make your own. It is fairly complicated to make compared to some other playdough recipes and it is definitely not for kids to be doing on their own as their is come careful cooking involved. Although this is not a recipe for kids to make you can quite easily make it with them as a craft or toy project. It makes a pretty nice playdough if you can get the cooking just right, with a really nice texture and shape.

Ingredients for this Jello playdough recipe:

  • white flour – 1 cup
  • salt – 2 tbsp
  • cream of tartar – 2 tbsp
  • cooking oil – 2 tbsp
  • warm water – 1 cup
  • Jello – 1 3oz pack

Directions for this Jello playdough recipe:

  • Add all the ingredients together in a big mixing bowl
  • Mix all the ingredients together until consistent
  • Pour into a pan and stir continuously
  • Wait for it to thicken into a big ball and then place it on a piece of wax paper to cool
  • Kneed it for a few minutes once cooled with some flour
  • Add any food coloring or glitter to spice things up!
  • Start playing!

This is one of the most fun ¬†you can make so make sure to give it a try once you’ve mastered some simpler recipes! Be careful because Jello Playdough burns easily, so make sure you cook it on low heat and keep stirring. If you store it in an air tight refrigerated container you can keep it for quite a few days.

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  • Valerie P

    This recipe is great! The playdough is perfect! I did mix about 1 cup of flour after it was cooled a little though, so it would be not too sticky.

  • Kris

    Just made this and followed Andrea’s instructions. Came out perfectly. My only change was that I had to add a little extra flour when kneading (started with 3/4 cup and added an extra 1/8 cup.) I used flavored jello (blue rasp.) and didn’t add any extra food coloring. The color isn’t terribly bright but it’s definitely blue. Smells great too! Makes a lot – probably the equivalent of at least 2, maybe 3, pots of Play-Doh. Be patient while cooking. It took probably 25 minutes on low heat. I stirred occasionally until I noticed it really starting to thicken. Then I stirred constantly until it balled up and became more satiny.

  • Teftef

    I just did this and it was AH-MAZING…… I followed the directions as written by commenter Andrea. It took almost an hour to finshing cookin but im thinking thats cos i put it on the lowest heat. i had to increase it a tad bit towards the end(tho it was still low)……as the lil ones were getting impatient, and honestly so was i. I used strawberry jello so it came out a pretty pink colour and it smelt divine( had to hold myself back from tasting it) and i had to watch my 2yr old closely cos im sure he does not have as much will power as i do:) turned out great!!!!!!!!!!thanks for posting

  • http://Pinterest Alyssa

    Saw this on pinterest, made it tonight with my hubby and 1.5 y/o… one 6 oz packet of grape jello made 4 tupperwares full of blue, purple, green and pink! So awesome! We were at a loss of what to do with it after it was made, I remember playing with it for hours as a kid! Our daughter was afraid to touch it! But it turned out as promised and will be gotten out and molded until it dries out or whatever it does…

  • http://Pinterest Shelley

    Are you using sugar free boxed jello or the regular sugared jello? If it is the sugared variety does the play dough come out sticky?

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  • Lisa

    I tried to read through the posts but there were so many. Sugar-free Jello?

  • http://yahoo Barbara Linn

    I really cannot believe the fact that people either don’t read the directions or don’t read them all the way through. It isn’t just on this blog, but on many blogs that I have seen.

    No where in the list of ingredients does it say to use Kool-Aid. No where in the instructions does it say to use whole wheat flour or rice flour. It Does state what temperature to use. Read people, READ.

    It just annoys me when people ask stupid questions and they could find the answers if they just read the list of ingredients and read and followed the instructions.

  • Rebecca Martin

    i forgot to put the cooking oil in, but without it was quick and easier! i would say it took less than 5 min to thicken out over the stove! if you dont want to put alot of time trying to cook it, than just dont put cooking oil in it! have fun trying the recipe!good luck

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  • Ayesha Siddiqua

    Thanks for the recipe Chef. I followed your method but flavoured jello. It took about five minutes on the stove in a large non-stick pan. Kneaded it with a little more flour and it is perfect. My six year old helped make it and both my toddlers and the 9month old have been given a chance at it! We love it! Thank you.

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